Cariuma and Onport



Jan 18th, 2023


Cariuma empowers sustainable choices by embracing personal style over status-quo trends, enabling conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity - the only true answer to sustainability

The founders wanted to create a brand that was not just made the right way from the very beginning, so they built an infrastructure that is inherently kinder to every person that touches the shoe but also gives back.

Michelle Katz | Head of Global Public Relations

  • Cariuma contacted Onport to support their ambition to expand their global presence by streamlining the onboarding approach to new marketplaces which share the brand’s core value and the company’s ethos.

  • The Onport automation technology was selected as the right solution to aid this expansion into new markets and regions for its focus on maximizing efficiency within marketplace operations.

Onport allows for seamless integration between us and another brand’s website and it can be done within just a few days. Much of it is basically prebuilt and really speeds things up without changing anything with their fulfillment process.

Filipe Araújo | Chief Digital Officer

This increased efficiency allows for Cariuma itself and marketplaces to devote more resources towards not only growing their businesses but also to reinforcing their sustainability-driven brand value proposition.

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