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Jan 11th, 2022

This is part 10 in a multi-part series looking at Onport and other marketplace software providers. The marketplace model is experiencing exponential growth at the current time, especially due to the events of 2020 and beyond. As a result, the number of companies offering solutions to facilitate an online marketplace has also seen rapid growth. With so many companies, seemingly offering the same thing, it can be confusing to know where to turn or who to go with.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at Australian-based solution, Marketplacer, and how their offering measures up against Onport. They have a broader focus on Onport but still offer core marketplace automation features.


Marketplacer offers an impressive feature set which includes marketing and advertising options for those who want a fully managed online presence. However, with Onport, we prefer to focus solely on the marketplace itself, ensuring that our attention is not diverted elsewhere.

Onport is designed to help remove the pain points of running a modern marketplace and to automate many of the processes involved. With features such as intelligent order routing, we can ensure that the right order to route to the right vendor, saving you valuable time and money.

Keeping an eye on your inventory is a core responsibility of running a marketplace but it can be a tiresome task - thankfully, with Onport, you can automate the process and help your inventory operations stay running smoothly. Update your product listings with ease and monitor which products your vendors may have changed or discontinued - ensuring a real-time sync between your marketplace and your vendors at all times.

Paying your vendors on time is paramount to the success of your relationship together, thankfully, with Onport you can help automate key payments, allowing you to always ensure that debts are fall due are paid in a timely manner. With Onport, you can make stress over vendor commission payments a thing of the past with our excellent payment features.

Worried about returns? Don’t be, thanks for to our returns management system, you can managed items coming back with ease for you and your customers. Interested in finding out more about Onport’s feature set? Check it out here.


The ability to tie your different business operations together is crucial if you are going to make your marketplace a success - therefore, a robust selection of 3rd party integrations is a must.

Marketplacer also has a solid integration base, ranging from several different areas of operations, many of which work alongside their marketing features. However, when compared against the variety employed by Onport, their integration set comes up short.

With Onport, you can be connected to dozens of high-level integrations, designed to help automation as an aspect of your business. From Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, you can link your store with ease.

Process payments without delay via our PayPal, Stripe, and Wise integrations, keeping your financial obligations runnings smoothly. Use our excellent connections with Taxjar to keep your taxes up-to-date and all your payments in order.

Of course, shipping is a core component of running an online marketplace. With Onport, you choose from a variety of different shipping options - such as Shippo, Shippypro, and Shipstation. Interested in learning more about the different integrations we offer? Find out more here.


It can be irritating to find yourself and your marketplace being funneled into a pre-determined direction. With many out-of-the-box solutions, you can find yourself being forced to adopt their way of doing things which may put you at odds with the goals you intended to achieve.

In the modern world of online commerce, flexibility is key - allowing you to understand your customers and how your approach needs to be tailored to give them the best possible experience. Marketplacer does offer a composable option also. Thankfully, with Onport, you can use our composable option to gain true scalability and flexibility when it comes to optimizing your stack.

Built upon the principles of MACH - Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless, our offering allows our clients to sculpt their own marketplace design and incorporate best-of-breed solutions into their infrastructure. Interested in learning more? Check out our offering here.


Marketplacer is a valuable solution and we here at Onport can appreciate their offering as a worthy competitor to ours. They offer frontend options, something which Onport does not as we focus purely on back office automation. Undoubtedly, there are many companies who will feel right at home with opting to use their solution - however, we still believe that Onport manages to pull ahead and provides the better all-around solution for a marketplace from a purely backend standpoint, as demonstrated when compared side by side above.

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With Onport, our customers can scale with confidence, streamline their daily operations as well as create truly unique marketplaces. Onport is trusted by brands such as Project N95, Ad Hoc Atelier, and Naduvi as well as over a hundred other companies.

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