Marketplace Solution Comparison - Onport vs Marketcube



Nov 5th, 2021

This is part seven in a multipart series that investigates how Onport matches up against similar solutions in the market. In this edition, we look at Marketcube and how it compares to Onport.

The marketplace solution landscape is getting more populated all the time so it is important to fully examine and break down the features set of a solution before opting to choose one for your marketplace. Marketcube is a solution that focuses on automating aspects of a multi-vendor marketplace.

It has grown in popularity over the past while and is a name that is likely to be mentioned when discussing online marketplaces - however, we here at Onport are confident that while Marketcube may be an adequate solution for some companies, Onport is the better option when it comes to total backend management.


Marketcube has a focus that is primarily based upon storefront integrations like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. These are storefront integrations, designed to make your migration from each platform to Marketcube as easy as possible.

The main issue is a lack of integration with other platforms, while Marketcube does have an API option to use, it is not as robust as the other platforms meaning you may encounter some headaches attempting to connect your current platform with a Marketcube system.

Onport hosts a powerful mix of different integrations which can help solve issues that may arise in your business - from integrating your Shopify storefront into Onport to setting up a Stripe account to monitoring your shipping operations and tax obligations - Onport has an array of 3rd party integrations to make your operations run as smoothly as possible.

Whether you wish to incorporate your storefront, your shipping carrier, your payment processor, tax advisor, or your inventory management system - Onport has the solution for you. Why not find out more about our integrations here.


Marketcube offers a standard feature set when it comes to a multi-vendor marketplace solution. It offers features such as vendor management, product management, Orders and returns, fulfillment and shipping as well as accounting and payments.

This is a solid feature set which alongside the integration set, will be enough for many companies. However, for those who truly wish to stand out and be at the top of their respective market, Onport is the better choice to make.

When it comes to features, Onport offers a wide variety of tools that can help automate and simplify your operations - from order routing to inventory management, shipping to payments, and tax, Onport is meticulously designed to remove the pain points that often exist when running ecommerce operations.

From a vendor portal to shipping labels, advanced warehousing to custom implementations, Onport can transform your operations. One core advantage of Onport is that we take your comments and suggestions onboard - meaning we listen to our customers and make the adjustments that they wish to see. Learn more about our features here.


A core advantage of Onport is the ability to incorporate headless architecture into your marketplace, allowing for more flexibility and a truly bespoke marketplace experience. What is headless architecture?

The best way to think about headless architecture is, here at Onport, we offer you a buffet of Michelin star quality pre-composed infrastructure modules to use as you see fit. We aim to remove any potential roadblocks in your pursuit of a marketplace that truly understands your customers and delivers the best possible experience for them.

Our headless approach is based upon the principles of MACH - Microservices, API-first, Cloud Native, and Headless. These principles ensure the best possible approach to creating unique and engrossing customer journeys and experiences. Find out more about our Headless offering now.


Marketcube offers a perfectly functional solution that will be more than enough for certain companies, it is fairly priced as well which may make it more attractive for companies on a budget.

However, for those with a little more money to spend, you can get far more functionality by opting for a Onport solution. With more features, more integrations, headless options, and great support, Onport can give you the confidence to scale as per your marketplace ambitions and never force you to compromise on what you wish to achieve

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Onport is a multi-vendor marketplace and dropshipping platform. Onport enables product marketplaces to streamline and automate their inventory, orders, payments, and shipping operations. Designed to be flexible, Onport can accommodate both those seeking an out-the-box solution and through our API, those who require a more bespoke implementation. From growing SMEs to well-established Enterprises, Onport’s infrastructure is designed to be a reliable partner for growth.

With Onport, our customers can scale with confidence, streamline their daily operations as well as create truly unique marketplaces. Onport is trusted by brands such as Project N95, Ad Hoc Atelier, and Naduvi as well as over a hundred other companies.

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