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Dec 13th, 2021

This is part 9 in a multi-part series looking at Onport and other marketplace software providers. The current global crisis has accelerated the digital transformation for many businesses by many years, out of sheer necessity. Brands and companies found themselves attempting to navigate an online environment that may still be novel or even entirely new to them.

In terms of marketplace and dropshipping, these are two models which have experienced a decade worth of growth in a space of under two years - an increasingly lucrative market that is growing ever stronger by the day. So, for a company to decide which of the many options to choose from, it is important to elevate each solution and judge it on its merits and potential flaws.

In this edition, we will look at how Onport matches up to the well-known platform Shuup.


When it comes to marketplaces, no solution is an island - it depends on a multitude of other 3rd integrations to help it serve as many potential costumes as possible. Integrations are a core aspect of any solution, as your client base and vendors will most likely use several different apps or tools to help them make purchases and go about their daily operations.

Fact is, the ability to connect different platforms together is vital for making your marketplace work. Your customers expect a solid list of different 3rd party integrations

In regards to Shuup, they offer a standard integration package with the likes of PayPal, Stripe, Shippo, Taxjar, Matterport, Square, and Twilio. These are great options to have but are somewhat lacking in the broad scope of different 3rd party platforms a potential customer may use.

Onport offers a wide range of different integrations, from the likes of storefronts with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Prestashop to shipping solutions such as Shippo, Shippypro to payments and taxes with Stripe, Taxjar, and PayPal. Interested in seeing the entire list? Then just click here.

Don’t use any of these solutions? Don’t worry, Onport is built to accommodate a custom implementation if that is something you require. Whatever you use, Onport is designed to seamlessly integrate alongside it.


Running a multi-vendor marketplace is hard work, with numerous complexities to take into account which will influence whether your venture is a success or not. So when choosing a marketplace solution, understanding the feature set and what it can do to solve the issue pertinent to your particular business is crucial.

In terms of Shuup, they offer a solid feature set, designed to help marketplaces operate with as few issues as possible. However, when it comes to customization, the options available with their standard out-of-the-box solution seem limited, and while maybe more than enough for some clients, those willing to truly make something unique may find themselves somewhat stuck.

Onport is equipped with a powerful feature set that is designed to balance maximum performance with maximum flexibility - allowing our clients to grow with confidence and have the ability to navigate and overcome any potential challenges that lay ahead of them. Our intelligent order routing system ensures that the right order is relayed to the right vendor as soon as it is placed, preventing any miscommunication or downtime between the two parties.

Keeping an up-to-date products listing is vital when it comes to keeping your customers informed and interested in your product range, thankfully our inventory management system allows you to stay in close communication with your vendors and to keep your listings relevant.

Issues relating to financial operations may put your marketplace under strain but thanks to our excellent vendor payment systems, you can manage your financial obligations and make sure that your payments can be made when they fall due. You can also keep a close watch over the taxes owed via your sales, allowing you to have peace of mind, knowing that everything has been sorted out.

Of course, selling the items is only half the story, you have to actually get the order to the end customer. This can be a difficult task at times but with a wealth of different carriers and shipping options open to you, Onport can make things a lot easier for you, your vendors, and of course, your end customers. The shoes are a little tight? That dress is not quite so flattering as first thought? Don’t worry, with Onport, you can make returns management quick and easy.

As you can see, when it comes to ticking all the feature set boxes, Onport does an excellent job, however, if you feel like you may need more, Onport has just what you need


Composable Commerce is the future of online marketplaces as it allows for true customization and the ability to choose the components you want for your marketplace and not have to use a solution that is only a rough fit.

Shuup does offer a composable option as part of their Shuup NEXT solution, although you would have to contact them to get some details about its capabilities.

With Onport’s composable capabilities, you can and offer truly engaging customer experiences and touchpoints that will make your marketplace stand out from the competition. Think of it like this, we give you a series of building blocks that you can use to make your marketplace your way.

Our software development kits are designed for those who wish to rapidly develop composable marketplace architecture, allowing for faster launch time and the ability to be uncompromising in bringing their brand vision to life.

Our real-time logs give a detailed feed of your shipping, transfers, transactions, returns, inventory feeds, accounting, and tracking. Providing valuable oversight into the flow of data between Onport and external systems, browsing status requests, inspecting API calls, and accelerating development.

Whatever you need - our Headless option gives you flexibility and confidence to scale at your own pace. Learn more here


Shuup is a powerful solution and we respect them as our competitor, competition is good for both business and customer after all. However, we believe that we have outlined the reasons why we feel that Onport edges it.

Onport offers a solution that is truly flexible and offers the ability to scale without barriers to its clients. Boasting an impressive list of features and integrations as well as high-level performance, Onport is a solution designed with vendors, developers, owners, and customers in mind.

For All Your Marketplace Needs - Choose Onport.

Onport is a multi-vendor marketplace and dropshipping platform. Onport enables product marketplaces to streamline and automate their inventory, orders, payments, and shipping operations. Designed to be flexible, Onport can accommodate both those seeking an out-the-box solution and through our API, those who require a more bespoke implementation. From growing SMEs to well-established Enterprises, Onport’s infrastructure is designed to be a reliable partner for growth.

With Onport, our customers can scale with confidence, streamline their daily operations as well as create truly unique marketplaces. Onport is trusted by brands such as Project N95, Ad Hoc Atelier, and Naduvi as well as over a hundred other companies.

Import product catalogs, send orders, sync tracking information and manage payments - seamlessly.

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