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Jan 20th, 2022

This is part 11 in a multi-part series comparing Onport to other solutions on the marketplace. The UK is experiencing huge growth in the area of ecommerce, one such business which has continued to grow over the past few years is Brightpearl, an online retail operation system. Today we will be taking a look at them and how they compare to Onport.


Brightpearl has a wider feature set and focus, including marketing, reporting features, and EDI connectivity that Onport does not have so, if that is a deal-breaker for you, perhaps you may want to take a deeper look at them and their offering. However, Onport features purely on marketplace features, allowing for a more focused and dialed-in approach.

Thanks to Onport, Inventory Management is no longer a pain to have to undertake. Our excellent management features allow you to update and monitor your product listings easily, keeping up-to/date with any changes your vendors may have made to products from features to pricing.

Order routing is a key component of running a marketplace - Onport makes it easy to monitor and relay orders back to the appropriate vendors, ensuring that mistakes are minimized and that your operations stay moving smoothly and your customers stay happy.

Payments to your vendors are a fundamental part of running a marketplace also - however, with Onport, you can rely on our excellent payment processing features to ensure that everyone is kept happy and paid on time. Pay the correct commission rate to your vendors with ease and keep your relationship runnning smoothly.

Finally, shipping and returns can be managed with ease thanks to Onport’s excellent shipping management features - provide your vendors with their own labels and choose from a variety of different carriers to help get that purchase to the end customer. Need to deal with returns? With Returnify, you can gain a clear oversight of what is coming back and how it can be handled as efficiently as possible.

Interested in learning more about the feature set and what it can mean for your business? Check out the full list here.


Brightpearl offers a number of different integrations, many of which support its wider focus. For instance, they support integrations with the likes of Walmart, Ebay and Amazon, so it may be worth looking further into if those platforms are something you are interested in.

Onport does not support Walmart, Ebay or Amazon as our focus is based more upon curated marketplaces. With Onport, you can make use of a long list of different 3rd party integrations to help tie different areas of your operations together. Want to expand your storefront into a multi-vendor setup? Don’t worry, we have excellent integrations with the likes of Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and many more.

Making timely payments is a must when it comes to ensuring everyone is paid what is owed - thankfully, with our excellent Stripe, PayPal, and Wiseconnections, you can make vendor commission payments seamlessly and without issue. Need help with your taxes? Use our powerful Taxjar integration to simplify your taxes and accounting and keep your accounts in check.

Shipping is, of course, a vital element of running an ecommerce business. Worried about the logistics of getting the item to the end customers? Don’t be - with Onport, you can choose from a wide array of different carriers to ensure that orders are delivered. Choose from the likes of Shippypro, Shippo, Shipstation and many more.

Our integrations offering is designed to be as accomodating as possible, allowing for seamless communication between the different tools and platforms you may use during your day-to-day operations. Find out more here.


Brightpearl is a powerful platform with a wide variety of different features, it may be more than enough for different businesses to succeed. Its target market is slightly different from that of Onport’s, meaning that you may have to take some time to really consider what it is you want to achieve and what you may need to do it.

However, if you want a solution that is designed purely to support a multi-vendor marketplace, then we suggest that Onport is the best option to explore. Onport is proven to deliver high-level results and is designed to scale in tandem with your business, whether you want a more straightforward, out-of-the-box setup or something more flexible and bespoke. With Onport, you gain high-level performance over all areas of your business and make your business reach new heights.

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Onport is a multi-vendor marketplace and dropshipping platform. Onport enables product marketplaces to streamline and automate their inventory, orders, payments, and shipping operations. Designed to be flexible, Onport can accommodate both those seeking an out-the-box solution and through our API, those who require a more bespoke implementation. From growing SMEs to well-established Enterprises, Onport’s infrastructure is designed to be a reliable partner for growth.

With Onport, our customers can scale with confidence, streamline their daily operations as well as create truly unique marketplaces. Onport is trusted by brands such as Project N95, Ad Hoc Atelier, and Naduvi as well as over a hundred other companies.

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