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Whether you’re starting a new online store business or you’re already a marketplace looking to expand and welcome new vendors, you will need a strategy. Create consistency whenever it’s possible. Differentiate yourself from other stores and make the products you sell more appealing. Make sure the vendors you work with send you the product information you need, that they fill every single detail of a product, send good quality pictures, and respect the values of your marketplace, your store, and your business.

Having several brands in your online store has its pros and cons. You may have to rethink your strategy when you first receive the product catalog from a vendor. Maybe a good first step would be for you to create some guidelines to send over to your vendors explaining what mandatory fields should be populated in an inventory feed, what do you expect to get as descriptions for the products, how many views you need for each product and what the ideal size of the images should be. Educate your vendors to send over to you clean and accurate product information that complies with your store’s look and feel. In Jetti, you have several options on how to onboard your vendors and import their products to your store, keeping the stock and prices updated at all times.

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