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How are shipping rates provided?

Shipping can be calculated at the cart level ie. weight or per vendor shown as a single rate

Cart Level

Rate based on weight, quantity or flat rate fee

Vendor level

Rate applied per vender in the cart

How are chackout rates generated?

When the customer is at checkout, rates can either be provided by Onport or using a 3rd party app.

Marketplace rates

Marketplace provides rates

Rates are set from the marketplace account

Onport rates

Onport provides rates

Generate checkout rates using Onport USPS or others shipping integration

What do you do with shipping costs?

Once shipping costs are collected it will need to be kept or distributed to your vendors

Marketplace keeps shipping costs

Marketplace retains any shipping income.

Marketplace pays vendor set agreed upon amount

Vendors are paid for shipping and ship on their own rates outside of Onport.

Marketplace provides vendor labels

Checkout rates are set up in Onport and shipping labels are provided to vendors.

Vendor Ships on own rates

Checkout rates are set up on the Marketplace platform. Vendors agrees to cover shipping costs.

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