How Bombinate looked for a marketplace back office solution that would integrate well with their custom front end and found it in Onport


What’s great with Onport is the flexibility in the integration because we can use the API to integrate with our custom solution – that’s great because we can really decide, what is Onport going to do versus what are we going to do, if we think there's something quite strategic that we want to do, we can still keep that part in our stack.

Elliot Aeschlimann


A custom marketplace solution for a custom frontend

In order for Bombinate to provide a unique user experience to both its brands and its end customers, Elliot felt that a move beyond a standardized, out-of-box solution was required. It was decided that a custom frontend would be best suited to provide the performance and flexibility desired as well as helping the marketplace achieve its aim of being a truly global platform.

Such a bespoke set up creates its own unique challenges which in turn, require flexible solutions - in order to preserve the solid relationships with its brands and to further add value to them through expert positioning, Bombinate decided to look externally for a solution that would integrate seamlessly into their unique system.

High flexibility and high compatibility

In Onport, Bombinate found a solution that fully understood the unique issues they faced and the importance of integrating with all their different e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Squarespace, focusing on the key parts of those integrations.

The API-focused nature of the solution offered Bombinate a high level of flexibility which they could not get elsewhere and did not force them to restrict or rework elements of their custom frontend.

Frictionless workflows and issue resolution

Thanks to Onport, Bombinate has been able to navigate and minimise the disruption caused by Brexit - a large number of their orders, over 62% cross the border but Onport has helped them to implement a new data-orientated shipping solution where they can provide their brands with custom labels, reducing any friction regarding shipping, all done without any of their own developers having to write a single line of code. More generally, with Onport, Bombinate has been able to focus on more complex issues

“It has tidied up a lot of our workflows and just simplified things like maintenance so we can focus on more important things like adding value to our brands and reaching our goal of 100 million in revenue.”

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