Embracing A More Sustainable Future with Onport


Steve Arsenault

Apr 13th, 2022

Industry conferences offer excellent opportunities to network within different organisations, gain valuable contacts and discover thought-provoking new ideas about the changing nature of commerce and the world around us. This year Onport was fortunate to participate in the annual “Retail Without Borders” conference and over the course of two days, a number of industry experts spoke about a wide range of eCommerce related topics.

A reoccurring theme throughout the different panels discussions was the important topic of sustainability and supporting the green economy. One discussion in particular featured representatives from the likes Greenr, Vivobarefoot, and also Cirqular. Each offered a different perspective on this increasingly important topic.

Key Takeaways

  • Definition of Sustainability - There is more to it than we may think.
  • Regeneration - Is this a more appropriate term?
  • Emotion behind each purchase.
  • How Onport empowers its customers in their sustainability initiatives.


Sustainability is often seen as synonymous with being eco-friendly. Although that is true, there is a great deal more to the meaning. We are all aware of the major eco-credentials such as materials, labor, supply chain, packaging, distribution, and how we quantify the overall impact this process has on the planet. We often forget the importance of asking the question, “Is the brand sustainable with it’s economics?” Meaning, can the brand survive today, to make an even bigger impact on ethical consumerism tomorrow?

It is important to make sure the infrastructure of the business is strong and continuously viable. The more profitable a brand can be, the more they will reinvest in delivering a more sustainable economy and therefore, offer further visibility to their overall ethical initiative.


Have we been looking at this the wrong way all along? It’s easy to get stuck in a standard linear system with finite resources, but decoupling from this and rethinking the design entirely may be the answer.

Rather than sustaining the level of damage already done, building an evolving regenerative business that does not get grouped together with any potential greenwashed trends is a much better mindset to have. If we think more about true regeneration and have a marginal gains mindset, a difference can and will be made slowly over time.

Emotions Behind Each Purchase

Not only is it key to have a strong vetting process for your products, but you also must market them in a way that makes the consumer feel great about their purchase and that they are making a net positive impact on people and the planet. A sustainable business should strive to establish an emotion connection with its customer base.

Many who purchase a Tesla for example do not do so purely based on a sustainable or regenerative reason. But it is those sustainable components that will get the buyer to spend extra on that product. From a brand perspective, it is important that you are creating a customer journey that includes impactful story telling through imagery and brand articulation, and leaves the consumer feeling that they weren’t told or coerced into buying something, but that they made that choice on their own for the betterment of the planet.

Onport and the Sustainable Marketplace

Onport’s multi-vendor marketplace infastructure is designed to foster new and innovative customer experiences. By helping such marketplaces scale quickly, they can in turn, direct more of their resources towards environmentally focused initiatives. The sustainable marketplaces we work with have done an amazing job curating an impressive collection - an example of which are Ad Hoc Atelier, a marketplace based around promoting artisan Italian brands with an aim to reducing the consumption of Fast Fashion in Europe.

We’re honored to partner with them, and our automated platform has played a major role in freeing up time for business leaders to focus on new solutions to increase their regenerative initiatives and providing further value to their customers.

Onport is designed to accelerate development, alleviate pain points and augment value offerings for multi-vendor marketplaces. If you are interested in learning more about Onport and how it can streamline your operations by contacting our sales team.

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