How Cariuma, together with Onport are creating a more sustainable online marketplace model.


Onport allows for seamless integration between us and another brand’s website and it can be done within just a few days. Much of it is basically prebuilt and really speeds things up without changing anything with their fulfillment process.

Filipe Araújo

Chief Digital Officer

Michelle Katz

The founders wanted to create a brand that was not just made the right way from the very beginning, so they built an infrastructure that is inherently kinder to every person that touches the shoe but also gives back.

Michelle Katz | Head of Global Public Relations


To find a platform that would allow Cariuma seamless integration with its partner marketplaces, allowing for a solid overview of all fulfillment operations and greater reinforcement of its core brand proposition.

"It can be difficult to have customers understand the inherent challenges involved in actually getting our shoes to them, gaining their trust as a new brand, and introducing our ethical brand proposition to them. We knew straight away that to achieve our aims; we would need a solution like Onport to act as a bridge between us and the marketplaces." - FA.


Cariuma contacted Onport to support their ambition to expand their global presence by streamlining the onboarding approach to new marketplaces which share the brand’s core value and the company’s ethos.

"Design Milk, a company that we knew, actually mentioned Onport, which led us to investigate the platform and what it could do for us. We realized that Onport covered our entire operational requirements, not just one of two features like ordering syncing or inventory management, but all aspects that we were looking for." - FA.


Using Onport’s automation technology, Cariuma was able to further expand into new markets and regions for its focus on maximizing efficiency within marketplace operations. This increased efficiency allows Cariuma and marketplaces to devote more resources to growing their businesses and reinforcing their sustainability-driven brand value proposition.

"Onport supports the full funnel; the entire experience is well thought out, how inventory is sent, how orders are fulfilled, and how payments are handled. Other solutions wouldn’t give us as much overall control of the operational flow. Onport helps us to generate revenue for the brands we are working with and allows us to own the delivery experience and keep it consistent for all our customers." - FA.

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