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Meet InHouse: The ecommerce engine for the hospitality industry

Client Introduction

InHouse is the commerce engine that elevates guest experience and transforms property set up in the $100Bn+ hospitality market. We empower Airbnb hosts, villa owners and hotels to operate more profitable, highly-reviewed properties while unlocking meaningful new revenue opportunities.

Company Representative

Jenn Notaro | Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships

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Can you explain how the concept for Try InHouse came about and what the core idea behind the brand is?

JN - "InHouse empowers short-term-rental hosts to offer on-stay hospitality that rivals the finest hotels. Our innovative “Smartlist” technology makes it possible to set up a stunning vacation rental property in less than 30 days, with average savings of 35%+ on furnishings, amenities and more."

"We also support superior in-destination guest experience via Frontdesk, our highly customizable digital house guide that powers on-stay shopping. Frontdesk serves as a directory with essential information, seamlessly integrates content with commerce and powers upsells - enabling guests to shop for products, rentals and unique experiences on-stay."

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What challenges did you encounter when you were starting and building your marketplace?

JN - "Our primary challenge was to identify a partner capable of integrating seamlessly with the existing backends of all of our brand partners, while also accommodating more manual connections. We collaborate with over 250 partners, some of which are integrated via APIs such as Shopify, SquareSpace, and WooCommerce, while others require a customized setup."

"Onport’s interface and feature set allows us to easily connect and integrate with all partners regardless of their native platform as well as supports our need for highly customizable pricing structures and payouts."

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How did you first come across or hear about Onport?

JN - "When we started InHouse, our mission was to ensure the onboarding experience would be a delight for our partners. We operate a 1P dropship model so it was crucial to find a best-in-class solution to integrate and streamline operations."

"We confidently chose Onport knowing their capabilities from years of collaboration on the supplier side—from initial product catalog setup to order processing, automated billing, and payouts. Their proven track record made them our preferred choice during our vetting and evaluation process."

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How does Onport support Try InHouse in addressing and overcoming those challenges?

JN - "The Onport team has been fantastic to collaborate with. They have partnered with us to resolve any challenges that have arisen, particularly those related to the accuracy of data obtained via API from our partners."

"Francesco and his technical support team not only address and troubleshoot all concerns promptly, but they have also partnered with us in developing new features tailored to our specific business requirements."

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Which features bring the most value to the collaboration with Onport?

JN - "While we appreciate all features, if I had to choose favorites, it would be the customization related to price feeds and the automation of payments. We value the flexibility that Onport offers for setting up and managing pricing from various sources, particularly because our model demands more customization than typical core e-commerce."

What do you like the most about the Onport Platform?

JN - "Onport facilitates quick and efficient onboarding of new brand partners. Our standard timeline for API partners from contract signing to go-live typically ranges from 1 to 3 days. For concierge partners, or those requiring a more custom integration, the process extends to 5 to 10 days."

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