Branded packing slips

Present a strong brand image to your customs with the help of Onport.

If there’s one thing that could put your business head and shoulders above the competition, it’s a strong brand image. The importance of brand identity should never be underestimated, and if you want to ensure your brand looks the part, we’ve got one piece of advice for you. Focus on the details.

Your packing slips are often the customer’s first impression of your company, once they’ve received an order. So, you’ll want to ensure that they look the part. Branding packing slips can serve as both an important tool in terms of communicating with customers, and also a great marketing device.

With Onport, you can control the entire customer experience, by designing and developing your own custom branded packing slips. These slips should include all your customer’s order information, as well as your store’s policies.

You might even wish to add additional marketing tools to the forms, too. Think about discount codes for follow up orders or requests for customers to follow your social media channels and recommend your store to their friends.

Branded packing slips

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